There are a few steps to consider if residents and/or foreigns want to invest specially in Mexico, but before getting knowledge of those steps you must know what is the SAT, what is its mission and its vision:

The administration of tax service (SAT) acronym in Spanish, is a the defense secretary and public credit body, that has the responsibility to apply tax law and customs, with the purpose to get proportional contribution and public equal spending by physical and legal entities; to tax the contributors to comply with tax and customs arrangements; to ease and encourage voluntary fulfillment, generate and provide the necessary information for the test of the political tax. It’s mission is to collet the tax and customs resources that the law gives, endowing to the contributor the tool needs to ease the voluntary fulfillment. And it’s vision is to be a modern institution which gives the voluntary fulfillment to the contributors by simple processes.

Now that you know what is SAT, you can know all the steps that you need for invest in Mexico. Firstly, you need to get your VISA to keep going with your financial businesses in Mexico with the purpose of knowing different alternatives of investments, make a directly investment or supervise it. The general population law and its rules are the ones who regulate in Mexico.

To explain specifically the tax regime in this case, it must be divided the residents and foreigns:

Mexican Residents: it considers them only physical, moral and national foreigners that had stablished live in Mexico, when they get a house in another country, they can be consider as Mexican residents if more than 50 % of its annual income are coming from a Mexico or if they are from its professional financial activities that are located in the country. Physical foreigners from Mexican nationality that work or are being part of the government, even when the principal position is out of the country. Also, moral foreigners that had constitute by as Mexican law as had stablished in Mexico the principal financial position or it’s located place.

Foreigners residents: tax regime consider physical, national or foreigners residents, that doesn’t have its own home in Mexico, however, if they have a house in Mexico, they will consider foreigners residents if in the country have their vital interests.

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