Bi-MEX provides shelter to companies to do their businesses in Mexico.

We have areas of expertise in:

-Industrial buildings leasing.
-Legal advising.
-Tax advising.
-Accounting advising.
-Human resources.
-Visa application.
-Foreign trade.
-Security and environment.


Bi-MEX has three kind of services:

Consulting services:

If your company is at the investment evaluation stage to place Mexican operations, Bi-Mexico has experience advising and guiding companies for their investment start-up and operation. We help you with up-to-date information and sound advice over the correct profile needed to make a soft transition from your project concept to operation stage.

Start-up and operative services:

New projects in Mexico go through two major phases.


  • The Start-Up phase is where permits, contracts, structure and required services are established to operate under Mexican and international norms and regulations.
  • The Operation phase is reached when a stable work process has been obtained and the company is working regularly.

BIPC MEXICO can give you support over this two phases to get you to a stable operation process in Mexico..

Support services:

Additional to the consulting, Start-Up and operations services we can help provide supporting services to your operations and staff like legal support in purchases and sales, placement, accommodations, translation and travel logistic.

Any service you need getting is crucial for the success of your Mexican operation, let us help you to get it right!