If you are going to Mexico for business, you must know useful information about safety. In this article we will describe important safety data for you, specially if you want to do business in this country.

  • Use the local currency

The legal currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso. It’s exchange rate varies daily compared to the United States dollar.

Therefore, we recommend to use the national currency to avoid scams. If you need to make any changes use currency exchanges houses. A safer alternative is to withdraw cash from an ATM.

  • Keep your documents safe

Leave your passport and other original immigration documents under guard in the hotel safe. Only take with you an ID and copies of the papers that proves your stay in Mexico.

Carry only the amount of money that you consider necessary for your day of activities. Like the previous recommendation, you can leave the rest in the safety of your room.

  • Prevent theft

Avoid the crowds on public transport. Handbags, wallets and cell phones thefts tend to occur more often in these conditions. Always keep your bag secure and in the case of wallets, keep them in the front pockets of your trousers.

As a general recommendation, we suggest not display valuables objects when you are walking or using public transport as taxis. The more discreet is your presences, your chances of becoming a target of crime is reduced.

  • Be prudent with your nightlife

Recognize your limits, do not drink to much. In Guanajuato, the “Breathalyzer” program applies to detect drunk drivers. Lawbreakers are arrested for 20 to 36 hours without bail.

If you are not in good condition to drive, or you do not have your own vehicle after leaving a nightclub, requests the administration a “taxi site”. Although the rate is higher, it is safer to take a random taxi on the street.

If you get out to a social reunion, share the contact data to a friend.

  • Remember these important contacts

Just in case of problems or dangers you must count with this important contact information:

The Japan embassy in Mexico is localized in:

Paseo de la Reforma 243, Torre Mapfre 9th floor, Col.Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F., Zip Code 06500

Telephone: (+52) (55)5211-0028

Attention Hours:  9:15 to 13:15 and 15:00 to 18:15. Monday to Friday.

The Attorney General of the Republic is the organ of the federal executive power, which is primarily responsible for investigating and prosecuting federal crimes and whose owner is the Attorney General of the Republic, who chairs the Public Ministry of the Federation and its subsidiary bodies which they are the investigative police and experts. In Guanajuato:

Camino a San José de Cervera 140,  Col. San José de Cervera, Guanajuato, Gto, Zip Code 36250

Telephone: 01 (473) 7352100

Follow those recommendations and you will enjoy your visit to Mexico, without inconvenient.

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