Nature provides all variety of options for generating energy. It is mainly important to know how to convert sunlight, wind, biomass or water energy, into electricity  or heat in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Mexico has abundant renewable energy resources and human resources capable of generating research and development to create the necessary or appropriate technologies and promote a national industry door. Mexico also has a specific legal framework, strategies and programs to make renewable energy that have greater participation in the country.

  • Potential of renewable energy in Mexico

Several studies on the potential assessment of renewable energy in the country estimate that Mexico has sufficient resources to meet the energy needs efficiently and safely.

The industrial parks Santa Fe I and Santa Fe II localized in Guanajuato Inland Port have photovoltaic parks, which supply renewable energy to the industries in the complex and the region.

If solar potential is successfully exploited, it would be sufficient for an area of 388.35 mi² equipped with photovoltaic systems in Sonora or Chihuahua, to generate all the electricity that this country needs today.

Otherwise the potential of exploitable wind is estimated to reach 50,000 MW. An assessment with satellite images in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec showed a potential of about 10,000 MW, including possible facilities at the sea.

Additionally, the potential for electricity generation through mini-hydro plants is estimated for 3250 MW. The potential of bioenergy, goes far beyond that is done today. It is estimated that the total potential could reach 4500 PJ / year.

As for geothermal energy, it has not made a thorough assessment of its potential yet, but there is a estimated that there could reach more than 20,000 MW of installed capacity.

The Mexico’s Government has a specific and comprehensive legal framework for development of renewable energy. This legal framework has the objective to take advantage of the country potential in the clean energy area.

  • Advantage of renewable energy in Mexico for the industry

The extended implementation of this renewable energy in some regions of Mexico generated in these areas become into autonomous zones, as they can develop energy by themselves, generate an economic industry around it and exploiting its full benefits for those who live in the region and for companies installed there.

Finally, we can say that other advantages of renewable energy is that they are clean energies because they do not generate any pollution or consequences and the maked resources everywhere are safe. In addition, they do not require large companies or much investment to be generated, allowing anyone to produce them when they consider some basic measures for this purpose.

The great potential of Mexico in the renewable energy area, specially in Guanajuato, represents an excellent opportunity for business or investment, considering the government’s support for this particular and inexhaustible sources of energy.

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