A warehouse is a construction that is made to solve the problems of housing and operation for an industry.

In a warehouse, large spaces are needed, in order to achieve large areas without existence of intermediate supports, in such a way that the warehouse can operate without obstacles or restrictions, and working with a lot of versatility. This is very important because in the large spaces the activities of industrial production, manufacturing, distribution, storage or assembly must be executed.

These kind of industrial buildings should allow maximizing their space with safe structures, reliable materials and specialized facilities for saving resources and the development of industrial activities.

In the industrial park of Bajío, the warehouses are the main construction for the different productions activities. These buildings have specific characteristics which allow seamless operation for the industry.

Characteristics for a warehouse construction:

Speed: a warehouse is very easy and quick to build, since most of the elements are prefabricated. These are built in plants and assembled directly on site.

Economic: the elements forming the armatures are very light. All this helps save, as little labor is needed and is built in a short time.

Elements of a warehouse

  1. The armatures are similar to the beams, and are composed of parts forming a system based on triangles. These work as bonded bars and absorb compressive stress or tension, because they are built of steel.
  2. The columns are vertical elements whose function is to bear the burden of the armatures, wind, impacts and earthquakes
  3. The roof of a warehouse must be built with very light elements. The ideal is to use sheets. Currently on the market, there are thermal and acoustic sheets, as in some industrial buildings it is necessary to isolate the noise and maintain an adequate temperature.
  4. The stringers are a type of beam, which is installed to support the weight of the ceiling sheets.
  5. The partition walls are placed between the columns to define the area.
  6. The retaining walls are used to absorb the thrust of land between the level of the warehouse and the natural terrain. Generally warehouses are built high above the surface.


As part of an warehouse we can find other elements like a water tank, channel stormwater open, bathrooms, office, parking area, loading dock, platform download, and access ramp.

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