Since at least fifteen (15) years, the quantity of foreign people within the country of Mexico has been rising, but these people that are rising are specifically Japanese people, however this is not happening in the whole country, but specifically in the region of El Bajio, which is formed by six states, and specifically in the city of Leon that is located in the state of Guanajuato, this is one of the reasons that made necessary build a Japanese Consulate.

The rise of the Japanese people in El Bajio has been very constant, as an example in the whole Mexican Region, the Japanese populations has increased a 10%, but in this region the population of Japanese citizens has increased an 110% in the last two years, and due to that it was necessary to open a Japanese consulate, to attend the issues involving the Japanese citizens, nowadays the approximated quantity of Japanese at el Bajio is around 3100, and the studies present that this population will continue rising within the next years, due to the many opportunities that provide this region to the Japanese people, which are going to be mention in this post.
Why was built a Japanese Consulate at el bajio?

Nowadays, the city of Leon is being called “The Tokyo of el Bajio”, because of this consulate that was inaugurated in this year’s January, but this consulate was not only created because of the rise of the population, but also because of the very high investment that is being made by Japan in the last 13 years, this investment surpasses the quantity of 6.4 thousand million dollars, and that is one of the main reasons that made necessary to create this Japanese consulate in this region.

The investments that are being made by the Japanese government are specifically in the automobile industry, and all those investments have created a lot of employee opportunities and not only for the Japanese but also for the Mexicans, beside it is expected that Japanese population increase in the next years, so a Japanese consulate was necessary to avoid issues within their population, another relevant point is the creation of factories as an example in 2011, around the whole region of el Bajio, at least 87 business were registered, but nowadays there are registered 348 business that helps to the development of the region and to the Japanese that require a job.