Because our mission is getting things done by pursuing and adopting the most relevant strategies, we submit the answers to your questions.

What is Bi-MEX?

Bi-Mex is company dedicated to help new and established industries in Mexico develop their unique projects, even if it is in an industrial park. We also offer Real-Estate solutions as well as specialized services to help new investors in their project development. In brief we are a Real-Estate and Soft landing company. We focus on managing your local needs to allow you focus on your core business.

Which services is Bi-MEX offering?

Our goal is helping new investment settle in Mexico and support operations of already installed investment.

Our real-estate services cover a wide range,  from leasing of facilities in our own property in 4 industrial parks or others, building to Suit Options, Land Negotiation and Land Purchase, Apartment for Ex-Pats.

What are the specifications of Bi-MEX industrial buildings?

  • We currently own 14,400 square meters of Industrial Multitenant space in one of the most fast developing Automobile hub on the planet, especially in Mexican industrial parks.
  • Our rental offer starts at 800 square meters.
  • Our facility offers state of the art Tilt-Top concrete walls, with 5% of natural light opening on the roof.
  • 15 cm Concrete floors with 5 ton capacity per square meter.
  • Our smallest Leas space starts at 24m by 33.5 m.
  • We have available standard docking entrances and clear highs inside of our facility of 8.5m to 7m.

Is Bi-MEX a construction company?

We are a Project Management company, we work together with our clients to find the best solution to their needs, even if it is in an industrial park. We are not a construction company but we work together with the best construction companies on the area.

Why would you choose Bi-MEX as your ally to invest in Mexico?

We focus to find and supply to our customers the best options on different areas of support we have in order to make a tailor made solution to each project. Together with our specialized allies we build specific solutions to your needs based on strong local knowledge of industrial parks.

Which are the expertise areas in Bi-MEX?

As well, our group is dedicated on offering different real-estate solutions to your needs, as leasing of warehouses in industrial parks, build to suit operations and finding and negotiating purchase of land.

Why you should invest in Mexico?

Each project can have different motives to invest in Mexico.

Mexico is a fast growing Automobile hub that offers:

  • Quality Human Resources.
  • Well-developed logistics, especially to move goods in and out to the US border.
  • Industrial facilities with all the needed requirement to operate in an industrial park.
  • Pro-Industry Federal and Local governments, willing to help on new project developments.
  • Fast growing Technical education offers to young people.
  • Open trade market to the biggest consumer market on the planet.
  • Local base of clients well developed on the Automobile industry.

Where is Puerto Interior?

Our offices and leasing building is located in Puerto Interior, at Guanajuato state, on the heart of the most dynamic and fats growing automobile hub in the planet. Puerto Interior is a top industrial park of the brand that offers all required logistic and amenity needs to start your Mexican operations.

What if I don’t speak spanish?

You will be surprised to find a well developed base of English speakers on the full area. More and more English is the standard language. Although, the automobiles industry has a peculiar base of Japanese, German, French and Portuguese speakers on the region.