If you are looking for a property to rent in Mexico, specially an industrial building, you need to consider 5 key points before choosing one.

  • Size.
  • Physical location. Is it in an industrial park?
  • Logistic facility with connectivity to the main train lines that run North to South of Mexico.
  • Infraestructure: You must verify if the property has:
    • Electric power substation.
    • Water supply.
    • Sewage and drainage networks.
    • Undergrown communication system.
    • Natural gas.
    • Security stations.
    • Good enclosure.
    • Landscaping.
  • Environmental protection.


Steps to leasing an industrial building in Mexico:

  1. Choose the type of property. Industrial property is generally divided into three categories: warehouse property, manufacturing property, and flex (mixed use) property.
  2. Search online for property listings. Search online to find listings on many real estate websites, or directories of industrial parks in Mexico.
  3. View multiple properties in person. Even after extensive viewing online, you should always examine properties in person.


Evaluating rent terms:

  1. Ask about hidden expenses.
  2. Know your rental obligations.
  3. Research about the industrial park where is the warehouse.


Be secure about every aspect of the warehouse you are looking for and choose the best option.