Despite Mexican´s food reputation of being spicy (hot) in general for foreign people, after all they tend to fall in love with our food once they overcome this first impression.

It depends a lot on the origin of the best tables, but Mexico consistently is ranked among the best 5 food destinations in the Planet.

It has a high variety of ethnic foods from the North of the country (Based on Red Meet and flower), to the South (Based on Poultry, Pig and corn) from the coastlines (Based on seafood) to the center of the country were all collides in a verity of different flavors, influenced by ancient local cultures and immigration from divers parts of the planet.

On the Bajio area, where we are located, you can find several offers of different options of restaurants. The main cities located over highway 45 and the small towns adjacent to this main road offer an incredible high array of options.

Although we stringly recommend trying local food and visiting restaurants we do understand that is difficult to make the search inmediatly so we now list International restaurants that you will find interesting:


Japanese food:

Southern French food

Mexican food


Japanese food

Argentine food
El Rincon Gaucho

Italian food
Ma Come No

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