Several years ago it was very difficult to create a new business in Mexico or a industrial development due to the bureaucracy in the country, even in some states still be difficult and exhausted. It existed a lot of formalities papers to do that could spend weeks and sometimes months and so, it made people abandon his goals and any other intension of creating a new business. Fortunately, the Mexican formalities has changed over the years, although, it still be some difficulties in any cases, but now it has become easier to do business.

Firstly, you need a use permit salary, in some states it can be organized in municipal seats and in some cases in The Federal District of the state you organize it in the one-stop shop of each delegation or in the Secretary of Urban Development, located in San Antonio Abad, number 32. The formality cost of the city of Mexico is $891,50. Although, each state has its own cost. The requirements are different in each state, but it’s not complicated. Formalities can probably spend five days long and the permission can spend more than two years and it is easy to renewable.

The second requirement to build a business in Mexico is a free formality called opening statement warning of commercial establishments and it is in the one-stop shop located in delegations and municipal seats. In the case of Federal District And also in some states can be organize by Internet. It is a immediately formality, you will wait only one day.

The third step says that the business in Mexico that sale ancho or are not classed as a high impact, do not require the operation’s license. The operation’s license is for all business that sale alcohol as restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. there is two types of license: the A for hotels, restaurants and the B for bars and pups. In the case of ballrooms it require a special license. The license has different prices depending of the state. And it validity for three years that can’t be renewable easily.

Another one is the outdoor advertisement, this formality as the other ones, is in the same one-stop shop delegation or a municipal seats. The cost and time can variate in each state, it depends of the size and the type of advertisement. In some places it is prohibited bright ads and there are some ads consider in-morals in other states.

Finally, you must be register in the Contributors of Federal Register or in the Principal Secretary and Public Credit, by the regime that it is better for you. You can have an accountant, in case of being a moral entity, first you have to be registered at the Mercantil Society in the Economic Secretary by Internet. You can even register after a month you opened your business in Mexico.

As you can see, all the requirements are very easy, they will give you the steps you need to follow to start your industrial development or your business in Mexico.

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There are a few steps to consider if residents and/or foreigns want to invest specially in Mexico, but before getting knowledge of those steps you must know what is the SAT, what is its mission and its vision:

The administration of tax service (SAT) acronym in Spanish, is a the defense secretary and public credit body, that has the responsibility to apply tax law and customs, with the purpose to get proportional contribution and public equal spending by physical and legal entities; to tax the contributors to comply with tax and customs arrangements; to ease and encourage voluntary fulfillment, generate and provide the necessary information for the test of the political tax. It’s mission is to collet the tax and customs resources that the law gives, endowing to the contributor the tool needs to ease the voluntary fulfillment. And it’s vision is to be a modern institution which gives the voluntary fulfillment to the contributors by simple processes.

Now that you know what is SAT, you can know all the steps that you need for invest in Mexico. Firstly, you need to get your VISA to keep going with your financial businesses in Mexico with the purpose of knowing different alternatives of investments, make a directly investment or supervise it. The general population law and its rules are the ones who regulate in Mexico.

To explain specifically the tax regime in this case, it must be divided the residents and foreigns:

Mexican Residents: it considers them only physical, moral and national foreigners that had stablished live in Mexico, when they get a house in another country, they can be consider as Mexican residents if more than 50 % of its annual income are coming from a Mexico or if they are from its professional financial activities that are located in the country. Physical foreigners from Mexican nationality that work or are being part of the government, even when the principal position is out of the country. Also, moral foreigners that had constitute by as Mexican law as had stablished in Mexico the principal financial position or it’s located place.

Foreigners residents: tax regime consider physical, national or foreigners residents, that doesn’t have its own home in Mexico, however, if they have a house in Mexico, they will consider foreigners residents if in the country have their vital interests.

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Mexico is one of the greatest and most known countries that exist around the world, is located in the south of North America, and is the third largest country in Latin America, is located among the top 20 most populated countries in the world. This country is formed by 32 states, that are free and have their own laws, but among this states there is a region that is called El Bajio which is very famous and complements some states such as Queretaro, Aguascalientes, Guanajuato and Altos de Jalisco and this particular region is considered the industrial capital in Mexico.

As we said before this region called El Bajio is very famous due to its industrial development, nowadays, many nationaland international companies that intend to create businesses in this region, which its development ca be compared with an Asian country, this is because it is very well located geographically talking, and works as one of the most important commerce routes around the whole world, that connects Asian continent with Mexico, USA and the rest of the countries in center America in many different issues. Beside this region count with the most of the economic and international development in the country and also with more of 50% of the population, given the fact that this region also includes the 3 largest cities in the country.

Directory industrial maintenance providers in the Bajio.

Here we are going to give very good information about some of the industrial companies that provide maintenance in El Bajio and that generally are the most required for the customers and the companies.
Among these companies, we find MGB (mantenimiento global del Bajio) and this company provides constructions like mechanical, electric and industrial maintenance for the area.

Another company is “Metalmecanica internacional” that provides every type of industrial service, like electric machines, software, communication webs, and material processors.
A very relevant Company is PIB (proveedora industrial del Bajio), which provide every type of physical protection gear, for the workers but also a great quantity of tools that are necessary for the industrial work.
Another of the companies that provide industrial maintenance is “Balper” or “Grupo Balper”, which is a company that works with constructions, electric installations, fabrication of tanks and reactors, mechanic and pipe installations and many other things in the industrial topic.

This is only a few of the companies that provide industrial maintenance in the Bajio and that are very recognized for their services

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Since at least fifteen (15) years, the quantity of foreign people within the country of Mexico has been rising, but these people that are rising are specifically Japanese people, however this is not happening in the whole country, but specifically in the region of El Bajio, which is formed by six states, and specifically in the city of Leon that is located in the state of Guanajuato, this is one of the reasons that made necessary build a Japanese Consulate.

The rise of the Japanese people in El Bajio has been very constant, as an example in the whole Mexican Region, the Japanese populations has increased a 10%, but in this region the population of Japanese citizens has increased an 110% in the last two years, and due to that it was necessary to open a Japanese consulate, to attend the issues involving the Japanese citizens, nowadays the approximated quantity of Japanese at el Bajio is around 3100, and the studies present that this population will continue rising within the next years, due to the many opportunities that provide this region to the Japanese people, which are going to be mention in this post.
Why was built a Japanese Consulate at el bajio?

Nowadays, the city of Leon is being called “The Tokyo of el Bajio”, because of this consulate that was inaugurated in this year’s January, but this consulate was not only created because of the rise of the population, but also because of the very high investment that is being made by Japan in the last 13 years, this investment surpasses the quantity of 6.4 thousand million dollars, and that is one of the main reasons that made necessary to create this Japanese consulate in this region.

The investments that are being made by the Japanese government are specifically in the automobile industry, and all those investments have created a lot of employee opportunities and not only for the Japanese but also for the Mexicans, beside it is expected that Japanese population increase in the next years, so a Japanese consulate was necessary to avoid issues within their population, another relevant point is the creation of factories as an example in 2011, around the whole region of el Bajio, at least 87 business were registered, but nowadays there are registered 348 business that helps to the development of the region and to the Japanese that require a job.

If you are going to Mexico for business, you must know useful information about safety. In this article we will describe important safety data for you, specially if you want to do business in this country.

  • Use the local currency

The legal currency in Mexico is the Mexican peso. It’s exchange rate varies daily compared to the United States dollar.

Therefore, we recommend to use the national currency to avoid scams. If you need to make any changes use currency exchanges houses. A safer alternative is to withdraw cash from an ATM.

  • Keep your documents safe

Leave your passport and other original immigration documents under guard in the hotel safe. Only take with you an ID and copies of the papers that proves your stay in Mexico.

Carry only the amount of money that you consider necessary for your day of activities. Like the previous recommendation, you can leave the rest in the safety of your room.

  • Prevent theft

Avoid the crowds on public transport. Handbags, wallets and cell phones thefts tend to occur more often in these conditions. Always keep your bag secure and in the case of wallets, keep them in the front pockets of your trousers.

As a general recommendation, we suggest not display valuables objects when you are walking or using public transport as taxis. The more discreet is your presences, your chances of becoming a target of crime is reduced.

  • Be prudent with your nightlife

Recognize your limits, do not drink to much. In Guanajuato, the “Breathalyzer” program applies to detect drunk drivers. Lawbreakers are arrested for 20 to 36 hours without bail.

If you are not in good condition to drive, or you do not have your own vehicle after leaving a nightclub, requests the administration a “taxi site”. Although the rate is higher, it is safer to take a random taxi on the street.

If you get out to a social reunion, share the contact data to a friend.

  • Remember these important contacts

Just in case of problems or dangers you must count with this important contact information:

The Japan embassy in Mexico is localized in:

Paseo de la Reforma 243, Torre Mapfre 9th floor, Col.Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F., Zip Code 06500

Telephone: (+52) (55)5211-0028

Attention Hours:  9:15 to 13:15 and 15:00 to 18:15. Monday to Friday.

The Attorney General of the Republic is the organ of the federal executive power, which is primarily responsible for investigating and prosecuting federal crimes and whose owner is the Attorney General of the Republic, who chairs the Public Ministry of the Federation and its subsidiary bodies which they are the investigative police and experts. In Guanajuato:

Camino a San José de Cervera 140,  Col. San José de Cervera, Guanajuato, Gto, Zip Code 36250

Telephone: 01 (473) 7352100

Follow those recommendations and you will enjoy your visit to Mexico, without inconvenient.

Bimex can help provide supporting services to your operations and staff, let us help you to get it right!