The Bajio Industrial Zone has four industrial parks, which are located among Leon, Silao and Irapuato, these concentrate much of the investment of Guanajuato.

1 Guanajuato Puerto Interior (Silao, Guanajuato).

It has four industrial parks.

Companies established: More than 90.

Total area (ha) 1,190

Built-up area (ha) 990

Type of industry: Light

Santa Fe and Santa Fe III have the services and infrastructure for the operation of logistics companies and medium and light manufacturing with international scope.

2 Castro Del Rio (Irapuato, Guanajuato)

Companies established: 57

Total area (ha): 370

Type of industry: Light, medium and mixed

The Castro Tecnoindustrial River Park is a private industrial development of recent creation, that in the central region of Mexico practically the center of the industrial corridor of Guanajuato, near Salamanca and Celaya.

3 Las Colinas (León and Silao, Guanajuato)

Companies established: 35

Total area (ha): 170

4 Fipasi Industrial Park (Silao, Guanajuato)


Silao is located in the Guanajuato state as one of the most prolific areas for industrial parks by its proximity to all municipalities in the industrial corridor, practically is the same distance with three municipalities, Leon, Irapuato and the state capital, Guanajuato city.

The biggest industrial parks in México, according to amount of companies that there are:

5 Industrial City Morelia (Morelia)

Companies established: 174

Total area (ha): 354

Built-up area (ha): 303

Industry type: Mixed

This Industrial Park is located in the city of Morelia because of its proximity to the cities of Guadalajara and Mexico, which is almost equidistant.

It has a railway station, an airport-reaching, located 22 kilometers from the city, and which has an ecological park, residential area and schools.

6 Industrial Park Querétaro (Querétaro)

Companies established: 130

Total area (ha): 653

Industry Type: Light

Queretaro Industrial Park is one of the closest to the capital of Mexico, is also the second most important country in terms of number of companies concentrated, through this city can access to the State of Mexico as well and is one of the areas most important business in the country.

7 Industrial Park Guadalupe (Zacatecas)

Companies established: 67

Industry type: Mixed

This industrial zone is located near the states of Aguascalientes and Durango,this may be one of the main connections with the north of the country.

8 Industrial Park Antonio J. Bermudez (Chihuahua)

Companies established: 57

Total area (ha): 174

Type of industry: Light

One of the main advantages of this Industrial Park, is that is near the border with the United States and is a good choice for entrepreneurs looking to develop in the northern part of Mexico.

If you are decided to invest in Mexico, choose the best industrial park to your needs.

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