Mexico is a country that is opening up to international investment to generate adequate movement of capital, generating an increase in new jobs and resources to support further growth of the domestic economy.

The foreigners investors need a permit named FM2 from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretaría de Relaciones Públicas, SRE)

The FM2 migratory form is applicable for the quality of immigrant, in its 9 modalities: artist and sportsman, assimilated, trust, scientist, family, investor, professional, financier and engineer.

Generally in the companies where part of the capital is foreign, should submit a report to the Ministry of Economy with an accounting service.

    1. The Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (Secretaría de Hacienda y Crédito Público, SHCP) is responsible for the tax collection for the federal government, of all the taxes paid in Mexico

    2.To start a business can be taxed as a corporation or as an individual with help of accounting service.

A legal entity is what constitutes a society, usually with a minimum contribution of 50,000 Mexican pesos and is necessary to make a document named “Acta constitutiva” that is logged notarized and recorded.

The individual can register the business with its name. He only should take his personal documents and go to the Finance Ministry.

1. “Acta constitutiva”

In Mexico, a moral person is a group of people who works together with an objective in common e.g., a mercantile society or a civil association.

For moral people should go all shareholders with a record and choose a legal representative, who will be in charge of the business and will answer for all acts carried out in the company is named.

    2. Electronic signature

The electronic signature that is recorded is processed, a file with algorithm and from being unfalsifiable replaces signature handwriting, but has validity.

    3. RFC

Once all these steps are met, the Secretariat of Finance issued an RFC and a tax id.

The feature are the initials of the company, foundation date and some numbers that directly assigns the secretariat. It contains the billing information address of the business.

    4. Electronic invoice

Electronic Invoice used to describe the cost of your service and taxes break down.

This replace what this was previously done on paper, the difference is that it is more difficult to falsify an electronic invoice

    5. Tax return

Accounting is electronic, the Ministry of Finance asks you to all the accounts are held in the most common accounting system is CONTPAQ, and you will generate the XML files and electronic invoices to be sent monthly.

    6. Business taxes in Mexico

A person who wants to start a business in Mexico must pay the following taxes:

Income Tax (ISR) that is 30% for corporations and 35% for individuals.

Value Added Tax (VAT) of 16%.

Tax work products (ISPT) you have no fixed rate depending on what wins the worker can range from 1 to 35%

(IMSS) Social Security according to the employee’s salary

Infonavit according to salary.

Risk premium according to risk for the worker.

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The job of an entrepreneur who comes to a new country, begins with the search for a good place to establish his business, taking care of the specific needs and landing from the beginning to work with the best possible conditions.

Nowadays, to built in an industrial environment, you need more than a simple contractor… you need a soft landing counselor.

According to, soft landing refers to “a strategy adopted to ensure the transition from construction to occupation is ‘bump-free’ and that operational performance is optimised”.

A shelter can greatly facilitate life on the issue of finding a suitable site and arrange legal and tax issues, and help to rent a warehouse or start building its own facilities in some field.

If the employer decided to rent a warehouse that is already built, some elements of the structure should be reviewed to avoid having structural and other problems before starting the production.

Having decided where the company will install, it is important that you be secure about the state of building. Your soft landing expert must verify the field of construction and structures; the conditions of the electrical system, plus a security service for the installation of an alarm or if vigilance is required.

Preventive maintenance as described by the Habitissimo refers to review the foundations, facades, roofs, flooring and walls, insulation and finishes in general.

Also for landing in the workplace it is important to review; Water facilities, sanitation, electricity, gas, ventilation and fire safety.

In addition to preventive maintenance, you can also perform corrective maintenance like repair of structural elements of the building and the renewal of downpipes, rainwater networks, change the facade, the loading or unloading, repairing floor screeds, this work can be done by contractor or you can arrange a soft landing shelter in the warehouse, with the building and arranged with all required specifications.

The warehouse is more than a simple building, it is the physical space where you start to build your company’s success.

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Some of the main problems that can be found when a company needs to operate in a new country are laws and tax differences.

In Mexico, there is a service offered by some companies, which is known as Shelter, which is highly recommended for companies that have arisen start in the short term with the production of a product employing local workers.

The Shelter is an ally in the business, so you can develop, implement and raise a company anywhere in the world. Specifically in the Bajio so that it can reach a building with the key in your hands, with hired staff, logistics, with fiscal and legal resources.

  1. Shelter helps you when you go to rent the land or build, it advises the employer avoiding to pay more expensive, so they look for cost savings and are experts in business in Mexico and specifically in the Bajio.
  2. One of the main advantages is avoiding risks, because the company is an expert producing their product, but the Shelter is an expert in indirect areas such as quality, materials, taxes, customs, for the employer to focus on his business.
  3. Another advantage that the Shelter offers is a significant cost reduction by the fact that starting a business only with internal staff would be very expensive to move all the people from Japan to the Bajio for example, you have to start looking where to live and how much it costs.
  4. When you are looking for a company that offers the Shelter service, check out if it has worked with Japanese companies in order to begin operations in the Bajio, and specially all the information given without restrictions, became according to the needs of human or material resources.
  5. Shelter service is done according to the infrastructure of each company, because it can be different according to the needs of each employer.
  6. The Shelter has started new business in three months, depending the product they make, but on average a Japanese company takes about six months to start completely.
  7. Another key point to verify when you are looking for a shelter service is to know how many offices the company has in the Bajio cities as Leon, Guanajuato, Celaya, Querétaro and San Luis Potosí.
  8. One of the main services of the shelter is on the payroll, staff recruitment based on a job profile and a study of wages and salaries and socioeconomic studies, psychometric tests are focused on the requirements of companies with candidates to enter to work.

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Cell phones and tablets are tools to do work and life much easier, for this reason sales estate have created platforms to find homes in different cities in Mexico and the world, such as Japan.


This app is for sale estate, works to find homes for sale and it is available in both Apple and Android platform. Reviews by users are generally good, by the amount of properties offered by this application and you can find the home of your choice according to the amount of money going from 1 million to 5 million Mexican pesos.


This is another application that you can download to rent houses and can be downloaded from the Apple and Android platform, through Google Play. This application is free and with a larger four-star rating, has more than 500,000 downloads with good feedback from users. In addition to showing pictures of houses and the price range, it allows users interaction, so it’s a good option to find home in Leon.

Century 21

The app Century 21 is one of the applications that can be used to find a house for sale in Guanajuato, is available for Apple and Android. However, the rating of this application is not very high, only it has 2.5 also has more than 100 downloads, but the website you can find some interesting properties that can have this business of sale estate.

This sale estate app as well as presenting some options of houses, also has land for sale, it is available for iOS and android. Users describe it as your very visual, you have options to compare and has a rating of 3.7, reaching the thousand downloads. You have purchase options throughout Mexico, including the area of ​​Guanajuato.

To access this app, you can do from the phone and from the computer also has the option to send alerts to the SmartWatch. This application boasts more than 60 thousand offer to buy or rent houses and apartments throughout Mexico, including the Bajio. Although it has more than 500 downloads, the rating of this application is average 3.2 stars because users even describe this app as a good search engine, the graphics are not liked by all users who have downloaded it, however options of homes are varied.

Sales estate are important businesses in the city of Leon and that is why new buildings are being built, new housing complex at the exit to the city of Silao, a city where the industrial park is located and is also the way to go to Mexico City .

Japanese culture is one of the most appreciated and admired in Mexico, because both countries are full of traditions and history.

In Mexico there are some Japanese supermarkets where people who come from Japan, can find some ingredients for traditional food and also can find a few items that are imported from Japan, so they can gradually adapt to their new life in Mexico.

Besides of these supermarkets, there are some associations where Japanese people can live and celebrate some of the traditions that are also share with the people of Mexico such as language and other things.

Most of the Japanese supermarkets are located in Mexico City, but in the Bajio there are some branches, which some ingredients can be found to prepare traditional Japanese recipes.

Toyo food is one of these Japanese supermarkets, with a greater presence in Mexico, has branches in major cities of the Bajio, where you can get different products.  The main branch is located in Zapopan, Jalisco, all the shops are well stocked with more 445 items listed.

Toyo Food Guanajuato

This store has branches in the biggest cities of Guanajuato, where most  of the industrial corridors are,  mainly the automotive industries  and Japanese plants.

Branch Celaya

Av. Paseo Bajío #210

Col. Jardines de Celaya

Celaya, Guanajuato.

TEL: 01 (461) 159 4501

Branch Irapuato

Av. Murano 151 Loc. 5

(Square Murano)

Col. Las Heras (2nd. Section)

Irapuato, Guanajuato

TEL: 01 (462) 135 6085

Branch León

Av. Guanajuato #111 Loc. 3 and 4

Col. Jardines del Moral

León, Guanajuato.

TEL: 01 (477) 779 6878


The company was originally founded in Mexico City, where the central branch is ​​in the Colonia Roma.

Mikasa company has a branch in the Bajio region, specifically in the city of Celaya, Guanajuato.

As reported in the newspaper AM of Celaya, Mikasa has a mini super which offers fresh, frozen, and sweets desserts and liqueurs imported for Japanese  brands.

Mikasa Celaya

Foundation 100-A

Col. Barrio del Zapote

Celaya, Guanajuato.

Phone: 01 461 608 0165

Toyo Food Aguascalientes

The state of Aguascalientes where is one of the major Japanese automakers in Mexico, has a long Japanese tradition and therefore has two shops where products from Japan are offered.

University # 5 Av. 811

Plaza Santa Fe Loc. 4

Forests South Col. Prado


TEL: 01 (449) 996 0172

TEL: 01 (449) 996 0173

Aguascalientes #114

Col. Prados Del Sur


TEL: 01 (449) 140 6605

Find fresh supplies in Mexico to prepare your favourite dishes with any problem.

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Economically, one of the most important central areas in Mexico, is the city of Leon, in constant growing,  offers opportunities for foreign investors looking for a good location to start a business that is connected with the rest of the country and also with US cities.

Leon also has a major exhibition called Poliforum where business events take place, practically every month.

1 Leon is a city located in the state of Guanajuato in Mexico, is at the center of the country, within a region known as the Bajio.

2 The city of Leon is part of the industrial corridor of Guanajuato, where there are also major cities in the automotive industry such as; Silao, Guanajuato, Celaya and Irapuato, where there are installed some of the major car assembly plants, as well as providers of parts and also a major tire shop.

3 The main industry of this city is the footwear and leather, although in recent years the automotive industry has taken a lot of strength, due to the arrival of major companies of that class in Guanajuato industrial corridor.

4 The city of Leon is one of the  six  Mexican cities that represents a potential market, and  it’s close to Aguascalientes, which has one of the largest assembly plants in the automotive industry: a Japanese brand.

5 This city is one of the 10 largest cities in the country and it is located in a privileged area, because it is only five hours by car from the capital (Mexico City) and three hours from Guadalajara, which is the second largest city from Mexico.

6 Leon has the Bajio International Airport, which receives flights from several destinations, including major cities in the United States and is planned to have direct flights from Narita, Tokyo to Guanajuato, to communicate more Japanese companies that invest in the automotive industry in the estate.

7 In addition of being a city of major companies and automotive industry, Leon has several green areas, natural parks, a zoo, a cultural area called Forum, a theater and shopping malls where you can set up businesses.

8 In the state of Guanajuato and mainly in Leon, the automotive industry has motivated  sports events of cars and motorbikes that happen every year, e.g., the World Rally Championship.

Doing business in Leon is an excellent choice because the business environment is focused in innovation and corporate spirit to allow to investors install or increase their operations in Guanajuato.

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The automotive industry has grown fast in Mexico, mainly in the Bajio region, where it has positioned itself in some cities where other industries dominated the market and is now a major source of revenue and jobs.

In Mexico during the first half of 2015, were produced over a million 700 thousand units, according to the publication of “El Financiero” magazine in Mexico, of which a lot come from Bajio region, where three major vehicle plants are Japanese.

The increase in automotive production in Mexico was 8.1%, according to data released by the president of the Mexican Association of Automotive Industry (AMIA) also the financial, be supported mainly by increased demand from the rest of the countries of North America, which are Canada and the United States, with Mexico has a free trade agreement.

Production increased in the period from January to June, largely because the Japanese brands increased their production in Mexico, while other foreign companies suffering reduced its operating capacity.

As for the profits reported by the automotive industry to Mexico in 2015, according to data reported by the newspaper La Jornada, the increase has been substantial and adding other important revenues to account the country, such as oil, currencies and tourism, although these revenues are low compared amount generated by the automotive industry in the country.

Also the growth of the automotive industry in Mexico in 2015 exceeds by 14% the numbers were registered on the same date but in 2014, with a gain of 26 thousand 543 million dollars, which were generated in different assembly plants there are nationwide.

International brands that dominate the automotive industry have a special interest in the Bajio region where huge investments have been announced for assembler’s building addition, some companies to create their own parts.

The geographical position of the Bajio, with the closeness that has major cities, except Monterrey is one of the reasons for the growth of Guanajuato as an engine of the automotive industry in Mexico.

The main product of assemblers in Mexico with light vehicles, which are mainly exported to the United States, after Canada and third to Germany, which incidentally has a company in the Inner Harbor Silao in Guanajuato.

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The Bajio Industrial Zone has four industrial parks, which are located among Leon, Silao and Irapuato, these concentrate much of the investment of Guanajuato.

1 Guanajuato Puerto Interior (Silao, Guanajuato).

It has four industrial parks.

Companies established: More than 90.

Total area (ha) 1,190

Built-up area (ha) 990

Type of industry: Light

Santa Fe and Santa Fe III have the services and infrastructure for the operation of logistics companies and medium and light manufacturing with international scope.

2 Castro Del Rio (Irapuato, Guanajuato)

Companies established: 57

Total area (ha): 370

Type of industry: Light, medium and mixed

The Castro Tecnoindustrial River Park is a private industrial development of recent creation, that in the central region of Mexico practically the center of the industrial corridor of Guanajuato, near Salamanca and Celaya.

3 Las Colinas (León and Silao, Guanajuato)

Companies established: 35

Total area (ha): 170

4 Fipasi Industrial Park (Silao, Guanajuato)


Silao is located in the Guanajuato state as one of the most prolific areas for industrial parks by its proximity to all municipalities in the industrial corridor, practically is the same distance with three municipalities, Leon, Irapuato and the state capital, Guanajuato city.

The biggest industrial parks in México, according to amount of companies that there are:

5 Industrial City Morelia (Morelia)

Companies established: 174

Total area (ha): 354

Built-up area (ha): 303

Industry type: Mixed

This Industrial Park is located in the city of Morelia because of its proximity to the cities of Guadalajara and Mexico, which is almost equidistant.

It has a railway station, an airport-reaching, located 22 kilometers from the city, and which has an ecological park, residential area and schools.

6 Industrial Park Querétaro (Querétaro)

Companies established: 130

Total area (ha): 653

Industry Type: Light

Queretaro Industrial Park is one of the closest to the capital of Mexico, is also the second most important country in terms of number of companies concentrated, through this city can access to the State of Mexico as well and is one of the areas most important business in the country.

7 Industrial Park Guadalupe (Zacatecas)

Companies established: 67

Industry type: Mixed

This industrial zone is located near the states of Aguascalientes and Durango,this may be one of the main connections with the north of the country.

8 Industrial Park Antonio J. Bermudez (Chihuahua)

Companies established: 57

Total area (ha): 174

Type of industry: Light

One of the main advantages of this Industrial Park, is that is near the border with the United States and is a good choice for entrepreneurs looking to develop in the northern part of Mexico.

If you are decided to invest in Mexico, choose the best industrial park to your needs.

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